March 17, 2020

Revolutionary compression therapy device

Increase compliance and promote healing with the new and innovative Coolflex product series. Made of Spacer Fabric, a material known for its cooling and vapor transfer properties, the Coolflex products promote healing and can improve skin condition and health. The Coolflex product line includes products for the calf and now introducing products for the foot and arm.

Revolutionizing compression wear

Compression wear is a tool that improves venous and lymphatic health for individuals of all ages. While compression hosiery and wraps have been shown clinically to combat diagnoses of venous and lymphatic diseases, many people refuse to wear it even when it is prescribed.

Patients often complain that compression wear is too hot, too difficult to put on and too uncomfortable. The Coolflex devices for the upper and lower extremity are lightweight, easy don, low profile and cool to wear. Made of the novel Spacer Fabric, the Coolflex garments are clinically proven for the treatment of chronic venous disease including leg ulcers and lymphatic disorders of the arm.

Why Spacer fabric?

Spacer fabric is unlike regular compression materials. It uses two separate materials which are joined by a microfilament yarn. The two fabrics being joined together by the yarn create a breathable, 3D “microclimate” between layers. The cool air provided by the ventilation in the layers pushes out the heat and vapor, providing temperature control and maximum air circulation.

Promoting independence and healing

The Coolflex family of products include; the Coolflex Standard Calf, Coolflex Standard Foot and the Coolflex Arm.

Each garment is made of the lightweight Spacer Fabric and includes key features that promote self-management and healing.

Key product features include: 

  • Interior Stretch Panel: The Coolflex garments for the calf and arm include an interior stretch panel. The stretch panels are inner sleeves that secure the garments in place before the straps are closed. This feature makes putting on the garment easy. In the case of the Coolflex Standard Arm, the patient can use their unaffected hand for closing the garment, after it is secured in place by the stretch panel.
  • Easy to Grasp Closure Bands: The EZ-Close pressure bands are a unique feature of the Coolflex line of products. Made of durable metal clasps and woven elasticized bands, the closure system is aptly positioned for reach and adjustment for all-day wear and comfort.
  • Durable Hook Closures: The Coolflex products do not use velcro. The products use hook closures that conveniently grab and hook into the Spacer Fabric material. The grasp of the hook combined with the elasticized bands gives the closure system a snap-like feature making it easy for patients with minimal hand strength or issues with dexterity to use.

Coolflex Standard Calf

The Coolflex Standard Calf offers compression to the calf. Individuals managing venous disease with active ulcers will benefit from the lightweight material and thermoregulating properties of the wrap. The product features the interior stretch panel and closes laterally. The lateral closure of the product does not require patients to bend forward fully when applying it making independent application possible. Combine the Coolflex Standard Calf with the Coolflex Standard Foot garment to create a full lower leg compression system.

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Coolflex Standard Foot

Coolflex Standard Foot

The Coolflex Standard Foot offers compression to the foot and ankle. The product features a low-profile design, which allows the wrap to fit in most footwear, promoting uninterrupted treatment.

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Coolflex Standard Arm

Coolflex Standard Arm

The Coolflex Standard Arm is an inelastic compression garment for the arm. The product is ideal for patients managing lymphedema following a mastectomy or other surgical intervention. It features a pleated elbow, which helps to maintain the full range of motion of the arm and providesadded comfort. Pair the Coolflex Standard Arm with the Dorsal Pocket Glove for arm and hand compression.

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