August 8, 2018

SIGVARIS Launches Updates and New Accessories for COMPREFLEX® REDUCE

SIGVARIS's most innovative compression system for lymphedema therapy

SIGVARIS® announces the launch of new accessories and upgrades for the COMPREFLEX® REDUCE product portfolio. These additional features make the new COMPREFLEX REDUCE the most innovative compression system for use during the decongestive phase of lymphedema therapy. COMPREFLEX REDUCE is designed to be periodically modified during treatment such that the same garment can be worn throughout the course of therapy.

The COMPREFLEX REDUCE System is a comfortable, easy to don and doff, inelastic wrap that promotes adherence and improved quality of life for patients with medically complex edema, including lymphedema. The COMPREFLEX REDUCE, available in black and beige, includes individual THIGH, KNEE, BELOW KNEE, and BOOT components that can be used together for total leg coverage. Replacing tedious traditional bandage wrapping, the COMPREFLEX REDUCE garment is customizable at the site of care, easy to assemble and simple to adjust during wear.

The January 2018 launch of the COMPREFLEX REDUCE resulted in early success and positive clinical experiences. To maintain momentum and continue innovation, SIGVARIS collaborated with clinicians to enrich several features of the system and develop accessories with patient needs in mind. New TENSION TABS and a TENSION RECORD BOOKLET allow for consistent garment adjustment using visual indicators and documentation of prescribed tension. New accessories include a HIP ATTACHMENT for the THIGH garment and a LOBE STRAP offering. Zippered seams on the THIGH and BELOW KNEE components are now narrower for greater patient range of motion, and an optional cut out guide for the KNEE allows for even more customization for patient comfort.

SIGVARIS President and CEO, Scot Dube said, “The COMPREFLEX REDUCE compliments our full line of medically complex edema products. By offering a range of maintenance, treatment and even custom garments, we can serve patients at each phase of their care journey.”

Lymphedema effects millions of people worldwide. According to the Stanford University School of Medicine, the annual average cost of lymphedema is $62,190. The COMPREFLEX REDUCE is designed to reduce garment costs as it can be adjusted and periodically modified such that the same garment can be worn throughout the course of therapy. “We are confident the new COMPREFLEX REDUCE system will positively redefine the role of garments during the decongestive phase of lymphedema,” said Scot.

SIGVARIS offers a wide variety of compression and containment garments for medically complex edema. For more information, please visit or email

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