Joining forces to fight cancer: We are active and pink

At SIGVARIS GROUP we’re providers of supports for, among other things,​ lymphatic systems impaired by essential cancer treatments.​ But we’re also supporters of Mobember, with its moustache symbol, and stand in solidarity with its attitude and values. We’re proud to be both. Proud to be carers and proud to be supporters. Proud to be SIGVARIS GROUP, and proud to be Mo. Whatever you are, join us this month and make a stand for help and understanding worldwide.


Our 2021 Movember campaign

I'm a dad and Mo.

We not only advocate for the interests of the Movember foundation and share their views, we also want to actively help to bring this issue to the attention of the general public worldwide so that together we can contribute to research and healing.

That is the aim of our 2021 SIGVARIS GROUP Movember campaign: Make sure that as many men as possible are aware of the importance of regular prostate screening and early cancer detection. And help supporting men with prostate cancer. Because we all are both – sharers and carers.


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Patients and therapists

At SIGVARIS GROUP we support both the needs of the patients, as well as the wishes and requirements of the therapists. Because only when both interact perfectly can a therapy be implemented effectively in the long term.

Patient and therapist shaking hands

Girlfriends drinking wine

Prevention and healing

SIGVARIS GROUP offers a wide range of products for therapy and healing. In order tobe able to develop the best products possible, we need to understand exactly how diseases originate and how they progress. That is why we work closely with specialists and invest in research into the causes of disease and therapy options.

Ideas and craft​

Developing ideas for new products and materials is our mission and our passion, but it is only by bringing those ideas together with the most modern production technology that products can be created. These products have to meet the needs of the patients, as well as the highest quality standards.


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Commitment and innovation

Throughout our 160-year history we’ve stood for values such as sustainability, reliability and quality. At the same time, we are dedicated to helping people feel their best. Every day. That's why we keep our finger on the pulse of scientific development and are commited to creating new products and concepts that reflect our customer-centricity.​



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