Put on and take off compression stockings quickly and easily

Many users wonder about how to put on and take off their compression stockings easily and without great effort. Whether for mobile compression stocking wearers or those with limited mobility or for nursing staff—we have suitable solutions for easy donning and doffing of stockings.


A relief for all: gloves

Gloves make it so much easier to put on and take off a stocking. The grip of the special gloves makes it easier to slip the stocking over the ankle and helps to better distribute the stocking over the leg. The stocking is also protected when gloves are used, which increases the life time of the stocking.

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Put on compression stockings - sim-slide and magnide

Perfect for mobile individuals or when traveling: sim-slide and magnide on/off

These practical aids are fitted over the foot and the stocking is then slipped over it. The smooth material helps the stocking to slide across the foot quickly and without any friction. Sim-slide is suitable for compression stockings with an open toe, while magnide on/off is suitable for compression stockings with a closed toe. These donning and doffing aids require a certain degree of mobility.

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The energy-saving solution: DOFF N’ DONNER

The garment is pulled onto the soft silicone cuff using the cone (DOFF N’ DONNER). It then slides effortlessly and painlessly over the leg or arm. This also guarantees a pleasant donning and doffing experience for people with painful wounds or open sores. DOFF N’ DONNER is not merely a good support for stocking wearers. It relieves the load on caregivers thanks to simple and effortless handling.

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