Mariner from Sigvaris

Mariner from Sigvaris

Mariner, a symbol of style and confidence, a true revolution in compression socks for men and women

Compression like you have never seen before!

The construction of this new sock is complex. New technology brings comfort and a modern design.

  • The only material that touches the skin is the microfiber making it extremely soft
  • The pre-dyed nylon used on the outside of the socks ensures durability
  • More comfort thanks to the seamless toe closure using stitch by stitch technology
  • Available in 15-20mmHg


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The promise of Mariner

Women wearing Mariner socks

All legs are unique, free to run and explore. Sometimes neglected, often forgotten, they support us faithfully. They allow us to go forward in motion and help keep us healthy.

At Sigvaris, our mission is to help you care for your legs, and we make great products that are proven to work.

For more than 150 years, and without compromise, we have invested our knowledge and expertise into the health of your legs.

Innovation, invention, improvement, and care help us attain our ultimate objective: caring for your legs while delivering a sense of style.

With this in mind, we created the Mariner sock, thereby realizing our objective of helping people feel their best – everyday.


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The process of creation

Steps in the creation process

The choice of yarn is one of our most important steps.

You want to have warm feet in winter and cool feet in the summer?  Want to have your socks with colours and patterns? With in-depth knowledge our design engineers create products that perfectly match your needs and desires.

Wonder how many types of yarns are used to produce the Sigvaris Mariner? We use 10 different types to make one pair.

As surprising as it may sound, all our socks are knitted.

It is at this step that socks come to life. A knitting machine may contain up to 12 spools and more than 400 needles and can produce up to 500 socks per day! 

Wonder how much time it can take to knit one sock? 

2:30 minutes! 

This step of the process is critical for us.

Quality matters first, and all our products are fully inspected by our experts before leaving our factory.

Our socks are scanned from every angle, measured and subject to quality control before being carefully packed and shipped to you.

Sailor with typical Mariner shirt

Timeless, the mariner pattern is a must have for him or her. It was introduced by the Tsarist naval troops in the 19thCentury but was quickly adopted by the British and French navies. Mariner became the official uniform of the French Navy by decree on March 27, 1858.

It was made popular by Coco Chanel during the First World War. Later, the mariner was claimed by great designers the world over, like Karl Lagerfeld, Michael Kors, and Jean-Paul Gaultier, who would make it his trademark in the 1990s.

The designers at Sigvaris followed in the footsteps of these fashion icons to create Mariner, stylish and comfortable compression socks.

French Design

Swiss Heritage

Made in the USA

Available in Canada

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