10 April, 2017

Kick-off Spring with SIGVARIS PERFORMANCE SLEEVES in Three Vibrant New Colours

SIGVARIS North America is proud to introduce three new, highly anticipated colors in the PERFORMANCE SLEEVE product line.

Kick-off Spring with SIGVARIS PERFORMANCE SLEEVES in Three Vibrant New Colours

SIGVARIS® announces the introduction of SECURE®, an innovated garment featuring graduated compression and containment properties for the management of advanced venous edema, lymphedema, post-surgical edema, and general edema. This garment maintains and delivers more graduated compression (compression profile) than traditional stockings. It also has a higher stiffness ratio compared to traditional circular knit giving it superior containment properties. The result is an affordable, ready-to-wear garment that is uniquely effective at managing advanced edema.

SECURE features double-covered, high modulus in-lay yarns making sure no bare spandex touches the skin while maintaining limb profile. In some cases, lightweight fabrics can cut into the skin but SECURE is constructed to make this less likely to occur.  SECURE is opaque and discreetly hides blemishes so patients can look and feel their best while improving their blood and lymphatic circulation.

Available in black and beige with calf and thigh styles, SECURE offers a variety of options for day wear. SECURE has a unique sizing range with average and full sizes to fit a wide spectrum of patients - including those with thighs up to 40 inches. Compression levels for SECURE are available in 20-30 and 30-40mmHg with 40-50 mmHg. The dotted grip-top band secures the garment in place. 

Clinical evaluations of SECURE have been accepted for presentation at the 2018 Fall Symposium of Advanced Wound Care and American College of Phlebology meetings.

SIGVARIS President and CEO, Scot Dubé said, “There is a unique correlation between the compression design properties of a garment and the stiffness of the textile.  The combination of these properties in SECURE creates a unique circular knit that has been shown to be beneficial for patients with advanced edema needing more containment even with mild to moderate lymphedema.” Softness of the textile and easy of donning and doffing are not compromised and in fact superior.

SIGVARIS also offers a wide variety of inelastic garments for advanced and medically complex edema. For more information, please visit www.sigvaris.com or email sigvariscares@sigvaris.com.

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