How to?

How to get medical compression stockings and how to put them on, useful accessories, and cleaning instructions.

Measuring tape
How to measure
Need help measuring for Sigvaris Medical compression before ordering online? Grab a tape measure, pen, and paper – and maybe a friend – and watch this animated guide. Then use the sizing chart that corresponds to the style you're purchasing to match your measurements up to the size you need.
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How to get compression products
What to do when you start having first signs of a venous disease or after you have been diagnosed? Just follow our three steps to get a compression product that best fits your needs. Most of our medical products require either a medical prescription or a professional fitting at a retailer of your choosing. It is recommended that you see your physician who will give you a prescription for the proper compression socks or stocking for you.
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How to correctly wash compression products
How do I care for my compression socks?  | Sigvaris Canada
Compression garments of all kinds – from stockings to socks to inelastic wraps – will maintain their effectiveness and attractiveness when they are treated and washed as recommended.
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Our donning aids - Sigvaris Doff'n'Donner
Donning aids
Learn more about our donning and doffing aids and how to use them.
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Man sitting on a low chair putting on compression socks
How to put on and take off compression stockings
Watch the recommended ways for putting on compression socks and stockings. You will also find helpful hints and tips.
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