Do you have a prescription?



Have you been provided with a written prescription for compression socks from your doctor?

If YES, we recommend that you call or visit an authorized retail location where they will be able to assist you.

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If we can help, please feel free to contact us as indicated below.

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How to get compression products

How to get compression products

What to do when you start having first signs of a venous disease or after you have been diagnosed? Just follow our three steps to get a compression product that best fits your needs. Most of our medical products require either a medical prescription or a professional fitting at a retailer of your choosing. It is recommended that you see your physician who will give you a prescription for the proper compression socks or stocking for you.
How to put on and take off compression stockings

How to put on and take off compression stockings

On this page you will find recommended ways and helpful tips for putting on compression socks and stockings. We do recommend wearing donning gloves as they significantly reduce the chances of snagging your stockings on a fingernail. Donning gloves also have the added advantage of providing grip which can make it much easier to put on your compression socks and hosiery, and to smooth out the material on your legs, ensuring a proper distribution of the compression itself.
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