Experience comfort and control with HIGHLIGHT by SIGVARIS. The high-quality compression stockings support blood reflux and relieve tired, heavy legs. For men and women, in numerous designs, for a stylish and healthy lifestyle.

Controlled and effective compression to suit your legs

HIGHLIGHT stockings will make a noticeable difference to your legs. They support the flow of blood back from the legs to the heart by means of graduated compression, keeping your legs light and healthy. They are based on a clinically proven concept, with pressure being the strongest at the ankle and becoming gradually less going up the leg.

HIGHLIGHT stockings help at the first signs of venous insufficiency such as the feeling of heavy, tired legs or slight swelling of the legs in the evenings.

Studies have also revealed that wearing stockings like HIGHLIGHT can have a positive impact on the progression of chronic vein problems*. This makes them the ideal prevention product.

No two legs are identical. This is why HIGHLIGHT stockings are individually fitted to the circumference and length of your legs. This guarantees a high level of comfort and optimum compression on the leg.

High-tech products that stand out from the crowd

HIGHLIGHT stockings are renowned for their quality, premium finish and innovative components.

  • Colour fastness
  • Graduated compression effect for six months when worn daily
  • Increased by double-covered yarn



These stockings for men combine the perfect look with maximum comfort and controlled pressure.
Thanks to the controlled pressure, the stockings keep your legs fully energised and create a unique feeling of well-being all day long. Their masculine look is emphasised by the modern ribbed structure

High-tech produc with Aquarius fibres
Integrated Aquarius fibres wick moisture away from the body and ensure optimal temperature regulation thanks to special micro-capillary structures.

Masculine ribbed structure and matching colour scheme

HIGHLIGHT for men are available as knee-highs. The comfortable soft top ensures the correct hold during movements. The sporty yet stylish ribbed look goes with any outfit.

You can find the specific product selection as well as the size chart here. :

HIGHLIGHT for women

These stockings for women feature a subtle sheer quality and an elegant loop structure, ensuring a sophisticated and stylish look wherever you go. The controlled pressure keeps your legs fully energised, giving them a light and effortless feel all day long. The stocking caresses the leg, fitting snugly like a second skin and forming a flattering shape.

Modern color scheme:

HIGHLIGH for women are available in the following designs:

  • Knee-highs: The ultra-soft and comfortable soft top ensures the correct hold and complements the stylish look beautifully.
  • Stay-ups: The breathable grip top ensures perfect support without increasing pressure. It is very comfortable to wear and its flexibility enables any movement. It does not show under clothing.
  • Thights: The high-stretch gusset fits snugly around the waist, providing maximum comfort.

You can find the specific product selection as well as the size chart here:

HIGHLIGHT MARINIERE for women and men

HIGHLIGHT MARINIERE for women and men by SIGVARIS – the patterned support stocking from the trusted HIGHLIGHT line. The HIGHLIGHT MARINIERE stocking combines a fashionable, nautical pattern with maximum comfort and a perfect fit. The noticeable and controlled compression effect supports the return of blood to the heart and so helps to prevent tired and heavy legs. HIGHLIGHT MARINIERE is a new dimension for light legs.

The HIGHLIGHT MARINIERE stockings are available as knee-highs. There are variants for both women and men.

You can find the specific product selection as well as the size chart here:

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*Kostas TI.; Ioannou CV.; Drygiannakis I.; Georgakarakos E.; Kounos C.; Tsetis D.; et al.: Chronic venous disease progression and modification of predisposing factors.J Vasc Surg 2010: 51/4: 900-7.

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