Moving is more than just our mission. Moving is beneficial for health. It is also an expression of joie de vivre. And it is one of the essential components in the treatment of lymphoedema. Experience here how much joy moving and exercising can bring and share your moves and tips with other affected persons.

Raise awareness for lymphoedema

Let's raise awareness for lymphoedema – not only on the International Lymphoedema day on March 6th. Let's get the movement going and share our zest for life by sharing our moves on social media: #MoveLymphoedema


Expert tips for daily life with lymphoedema

As a lymphoedema patient, you are an expert of your life and your condition. You know best what works for you in your life, what makes you happy and makes every day as smooth as possible. Check our expert tips and share yours too – what helps you get through the day? Post on social media: #MoveLymphoedema


Even the smallest movement helps

Keep moving: these exercises promote blood and lymphatic circulation. They are easy to execute every day and don't need tools except for a chair.

Animated GIF Leg Exercise 1
Animated GIF exercise 2
Animated GIF exercise 3
Animated GIF exercise 4
Animated GIF exercise 5
Animaged GIF exercise 6


For SIGVARIS GROUP, moving is not only an expression of health and progressing. For us, moving is a way of life. We do everything we can to make moving easy with our solutions so that individuals can live their life and be themselves. In addition, as a company we are constantly on the move. We raise awareness for lymphoedema. We support research and help to make the lives of affected persons as comfortable as possible with our innovative products and solutions.

Interested in our medical expertise?

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