Compreflex Standard Thigh

The Compreflex Standard Thigh is an inelastic compression device for the thigh. The device is highly adjustable and includes a belt and hip attachment to ensure a comfortable, secure fit.

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  • An overlapping band system offers an alternative to bandaging.
  • The straps of the garment allows for a conforming fit
  • The innovative garment provides support and ensures a firm, secure fit
  • Easily adjustable, to allow for fluctuations in limb fluid volume
  • Cotton underliners are included in the scope of delivery
  • When To Use
  • » Adjustable resting compression (20-50mmHg)
  • » Lymphoedema
  • » Odema
  • » Chronic venous disease (CVD)
  • » Chronic venous insufficiency (CVI)
  • » Open and healed leg ulcers