Daily health

Compression therapy can help you in your daily activities and support your individual lifestyle. Whether you sit or stand all day at work, go on a long distance trip, want to keep your legs fit and healthy during pregnancy or, as an athlete, would like to benefit from the power and support of compression garments during training, competition, and recovery phase.

Full of energy at work, at home and at leisure
If your profession requires you to sit or stand all day, your legs deserve special attention. Compression wear is a very good way of supporting your legs while working as well as improving the overall quality of your life.
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Man an woman at hotel reception
How to avoid “economy class syndrome”
Anyone who travels long distances in a sitting position is at risk for leg complications. Wearing compression socks or stockings can help prevent these problems and will greatly increase your comfort along the way.
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During training, competition, and recovery phase, today's athletes are more and more relying on the power and support of compression garments. Whether you are a professional athlete or an amateur, the use of graduated compression socks or sleeves can help to improve your performance and recovery.
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Pregnant woman with baby clothes
Pregnancy and maternity: your leg health is essential
Pregnancy is a very special time for you. It changes your body in many ways to support the growth of your baby, but also puts pressure on your legs. Therefore, it is important to have the correct support for your legs to keep them fit and healthy during pregnancy. This can be achieved through medical compression which is beneficial for your health during pregnancy.
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