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SIGVARIS Education: Courses & Events

SIGVARIS Education: Courses & Events

Get a leg up on knowledge about the circulatory system, compression stockings, varicose veins, lymphedema and leg health with SIGVARIS' educational opportunities. SIGVARIS offers several courses suitable for learners of all types -- from healthcare professionals to those just getting started learning about graduated compression. We also offer courses for anyone who wants to learn more about topics such as wound care and lymphedema. We can help you increase your knowledge and skills and earn continuing education credits. 

  • SIGVARIS Basic Fitter Seminar
    Join us in a city near you for basic training.
  • SIGVARIS Certified Lymphedema Compression Course
    Join us in a city near you for more advanced training.
  • SIGVARIS In-Services
    Your SIGVARIS Territory Manager can provide a training session to educate the fitters in your store. Perfect for new hires.
    NOTE: You must complete the one-day course or an in-service to become a SIGVARIS Certified Fitter.
  • Online Training
    If you don't have time to attend a course in person, we have accredited online course options for you as well.
    The online courses provide continuing education credits but do not result in becoming a SIGVARIS Certified Fitter. 
Disclosures: Hosted courses are sponsored by SIGVARIS, Inc., manufacturer of compression therapy garments. Compression therapy products manufactured by SIGVARIS are used in this course’s labs. The course was developed by Robyn Bjork MPT, CWS, CLT-LANA, CLWT, and accredited through the International Lymphedema and Wound Training Institute (ILWTI). Bjork is a lymphedema and wound care specialist.
basic fitter seminar

Gain a basic understanding of vascular disease, how to measure, fit, and select the appropriate compression garments.

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certified compression specialist training

Join us in a city near you for advanced lymphedema training and certification in compression fitting.

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online courses

If you don’t have time to attend a course in person, we are offering these online courses. 

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