Chipsleeve Standard Calf & Foot

The Chipsleeve Standard Calf & Foot is a mild, gradient compression garment. The garment is made of open-cell foam chips to massage lymphatics and four-way stretch fabric for a comfortable fit.

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  • Open-cell foam chips massage fibrotic and breakdown fibrotic tissue
  • Chip foam is sewn in channels to aid in the direction and movement of fluid
  • Fabric used in the construction of the product is moisture wicking and includes odor control properties
  • Product designed to ensure the gradient application of compression
  • Product includes an Oversleeve which provides additional compression of 10-15mmHg and keeps garment covered
  • Sigvaris Chipsleeve garments are made for the upper and lower extremity.
  • Filled with chipped foam and designed with directional channels, each garment works to efficiently direct lymph fluid and promote drainage.
  • Patients with fibrotic limbs will enjoy the cocoon-like fit and massaging effect of the chip filled garment.