MOBILIS MalleoIntense

Immobilizing/stabilizing ankle brace with hard plastic shell and two gel cushions on the interior

ModelAnkle brace
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move control
move control
  • • Immobilizing ankle stabilizer based on two rigid shells
  • • Adaptable fit with two gel cushions to provide comfort and cooling effect
  • • Two Velcro straps as well as heel support strap provide ability to adjust tightness and support
  • • Can be worn on either ankle
  • Immobilizing ankle brace with two rigid shells for support and gel cushions to provide comfort
  • Moderate or severe sprains, chronic hyperlaxity and instability
  • Gel: 50%
  • Polyvinylchlorid: 22%
  • Polypropylene: 20%
  • Polyamide: 7%
  • Neoprene: 1%

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