Essential Thermoregulating

A classic design ideal for sensitive skin.

ModelMaternity tights
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  • Suitable for sensitive legs due 100% cotton against the skin.
  • Cooling: evaporation of moisture stored in the cotton, resulting in a cooling effect.
  • Warming: the air in the spaces between the knitted fabric and the fibres forms an insulating layer at cold temperatures.
  • Attractive: discreet, with a opaque ribbed design.
  • The fine cotton layer of Essential Thermoregulating protects the skin from drying out and has a thermoregulating effect.
  • The cotton fabric absorbs excess moisture directly from the skin and stores it inside the fibres. This prevents developing a moisture film on the skin which promotes the undesirable growth of bacteria. This is beneficial for people with sensitive skin.
  • Polyamide: 52%
  • Elastane: 34%
  • Cotton: 14%

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